Home Safety Considerations

safe homeMany factors play into deciding to be a homeowner. Some people dream of starting a family there, while others picture entertaining in an architecturally stunning space. When aspects such as hurricane shutters englewood fl, building materials, architectural style, square footage and location play into home ownership decisions, it’s easy to be blindsided by them to the point of forgetting to have basic home safety features.

Consider your location

First and foremost, homeowners need to look at the climate they have chosen and any specific risk factors it presents.

Those living along a coast will have to take past and potential hurricanes into account.

For example, older homes in a hurricane zone may not comply with certain building codes. Investing in a home inspection can give a good starting point to someone unsure if a foundation has been weakened or if certain safety measures are lacking.

Metal straps installed in an attic to connect the roof to exterior walls will help fortify it against high winds. An older home may not have this feature.

Likewise, all entrances into the home, whether garage doors, doors or windows, need to be fitted with impact-resistant storm panels or shutters.

A home should also be built on piling or stilts to help avoid water damage or flooding.

Those who live in areas where wildfires regularly travel should consider developing their home’s defensible space, by reducing, reworking or removing certain types of foliage and creating clear lines around structures to help reroute a fire.

During the design and building phase, they need to select specific materials that have a lower degree of ignitability, such as fire-resistant roofing rated class C or higher.

Fireproofing agents are also available to protect a home’s carpeting and furniture as well.

Those looking to build a stronger home in tornado-stricken lands should consider investing in thicker walls, stronger internal beams and general structure and a reinforced concrete roof to minimize the chances of collapse.

home security system Impact-resistant shutters would also need to be installed here, and would need to be able to be immediately locked. Vertical door braces should also be considered.

A home would have to have its individual elements strapped together, much like a heavy chain, to avoid having one section rip apart in high winds.

Finally, a safe room should be constructed, much like a bomb shelter, in the event that the other precautions fail. These are readily available in modular form and can be installed to either existing homes or those being planned and built.