Assess Wiring Needs And Safety

electrician Perhaps one of the most important aspects of home safety is either constructing or reworking a home’s existing wiring network, to avoid fires. Rodents and general wear and tear over time can create hidden hazards for any homeowner.

In the case of an older home, especially one that predates electricity, there may be various types of wiring spanning back decades. Homeowners should begin with a good circuit tester and licensed electrician to see what they are working with. The average lifespan of a wire is 40 years before it starts to break down, so they want to make sure if they have any faulty or fraying wiring in their home that they replace it as quickly as possible.

An electrician can tell them what needs replaced immediately, what would be nice to replace and what they may need to replace down the road. Older homes simply weren’t equipped to handle the electrical needs of today’s world, with all of its appliances. Many may still be functioning with an old fuse box instead of a circuit breaker.

An advantage of upgrading wiring all at once is the ability to add three-pronged outlets and grounding wires. Arc-fault circuit interrupters, as well as ground-fault circuit interrupters can be installed to shut off the power as soon as a problem starts to arise. Both of these are required in current construction codes, so it would be wise to bring an older home into compliance.

Homes currently being built should have an integrated network to consolidate all wiring into a central hub. Wire should then run from this central location to each room, with modular outlets providing service. This can help a homeowner easily achieve whole-home audio or a sophisticated home theater, for example.

electrician When assessing wiring needs, a homeowner should look at what they will really be using in their individual lifestyle and leave some potential for technological additions down the road.

They should also seek out a qualified electrician through online resources that include customer testimonials. Homeowners should check to make sure they are currently licensed and capable of dealing with homes of the same era as their own. This is particularly important with old homes.

Since wiring is probably one of the most important aspects of home safety, any upgrade should afford the homeowner peace of mind for many years to come.