Avoid Burglars

How to deter burglars from your home

burglarEveryone knows a home should have a good security system in the event that someone attempts to break in, but many may overlook doors and windows when considering how to fortify their home against an invasion.

Since many burglars will try to come through a door, any door in the home should be made of solid wood, mostly solid wood at its core or from a material such as fiberglass or metal. Reinforced steel doors  are the most durable but also require preventative maintenance to prevent rust buildup.

The doors should also be internally reinforced with deadbolts and have a lock block to prevent being pried open with a car jack or other tool.

A perfect door would also be windowless, to prevent an invader from smashing through to open a lock.

Door frames and door jams should also be considered with equal importance to the door itself. Galvanized steel is ideal to defend a home against blunt force.

If a homeowner prefers a siding glass door, it should be kept clear of any shrubbery that could provide a hiding place for a burglar. It should also be constructed of reinforced glass or a plastic, such as polycarbonate. A metal dowel rod should be kept in the track to prevent the door from being forced open. It is also wise to have curtains installed inside to prevent the burglar from eyeing up the inside of the home and any valuables.

Any windows in a home should follow suit by being constructed of reinforced glass or a type of laminated glass, housing a layer of vinyl at the center of two glass panes. Strictly plastic windows, whether polycarbonate or Plexiglas, will also deter would-be home invaders.

iron windowFinally, some type of wrought iron window bar will be both a decorative feature and a powerful way to prevent entry.

Homeowners also need to make sure that if they are using any type of window air conditioning unit that it is screwed in and a thief can’t simply pull it out to gain entry.

Any home should also have some type of security system in place, preferably with cameras. It can either be connected to a call center as part of a larger network, or it can be set up in your home to strictly create noise if an intruder happens to set off one of the sensors. The siren alone is a powerful way to discourage a home invasion. Sensors should be attached to all windows and doors to immediately react if someone is tampering with them.