Don’t Forget Your Garage

garage doorsThe largest and often heaviest moving part in a home can sometimes be the most neglected. A garage can be easy access to burglars or cause the death of a pet or child if it is not regularly maintained.

To help make a garage door safe for any children, homeowners should select one with a trusted sensor feature. Even though this type works best, it can still fail, so in addition to teaching all members of the home basic garage door safety, all remotes and access panels should be kept out of the reach of children or mounted at least five feet up on a wall.

Homeowners should keep an eye out for any developing rust on the frame, locks or hinges. Any damage to springs or faulty electrical connections should also be noted. Garage door maintenance should only be done by a trained technician, as an untrained individual risks electric shock or injury from the weight of the door.

The safest type of door to keep invaders at bay is a sectional security model. These are typically constructed of heavier, more durable materials and leave no gaps as potential forced entry points. They also come with more sophisticated electric operators, some of which utilize fingerprint recognition technology or digital key pads.

Homeowners should also stop leaving the garage door remote in plain view on their car visors. A home invader can easily smash through a car window and retrieve it to gain access to a home or a child can see it as a toy. Smaller remotes will easily fit on a keychain and can be kept out of view.

garage doorsAny garage door’s emergency release can also be inexpensively secured with zip ties and still effectively do its job.

A wide-angle peep hole should also be installed on the door from the house to the garage. That way, if there is a suspected invader, the homeowner does not have to open the garage door to investigate.

Lastly, the garage door should be kept free of any windows and existing ones should be frosted or blacked out to prevent burglars from gaining a glimpse into expensive sporting equipment, tools or vehicles.