Heating And Cooling Safety

hvacA major component of not only a home’s overall comfort, but its safety are the heating and cooling systems in place.

The first step in maintenance is changing any air filters to not only reduce the workload of the system but to keep mold spores and other toxins from settling into the home. This will also extend the life of any system.

Also, any external air compressors will need to be kept clean of debris at all times. This means removing any leaves or insects away from them. They also should not be blocked by shrubbery.

Any home air filtration systems will also need to have their filters changed to remove pollen, pet dander and other allergen buildup and to keep the system from straining to work.

Homeowners who have working fire places will need to have their chimneys cleaned and inspected once a year to remove dangerous creosote buildup and to check for possible damage to the structure.

Occasionally fires are started by improper ash disposal as well, from both chimneys and wood stoves. Ashes should be stored in a covered metal container for at least four days, as they can smolder and reignite for some time.

If homeowners dispose of ashes outside, they need to take care to keep them away from any vegetation or wooden structures, such as sheds. The best method is to mix them into plain topsoil and later use the soil to help fertilize plants.

Thermostats should also be kept at pretty standard levels to avoid rising energy costs.

air conditioning Perhaps the best thing homeowners can do to both reduce energy costs and increase the dwelling’s comfort is to make sure door frames and window frames are tightly sealed from the elements and any potential draft spots are sealed off with insulation. If a last minute draft is found, it can be temporarily sealed with plastic covers and weatherizing tape designed for that purpose until it can be properly dealt with in the spring.

Of course there are many safety issues homeowners will come across, but as a general guideline these suggestions will give a good starting point for success.